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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to serve God. Our church members find new and exciting ways every day. From our Children's Ministries to preparing food, from taking care of our landscaping needs to decorating the church, you can see God at work in lives. We would love to encourage others to seek out opportunities to serve and celebrate our Lord.



Congregation members recently completed surveys to help identify their God-given spiritual gifts.  Through the analysis of the surveys, members were separated into dominant spiritual gift groups, called Small Group Ministries.  Within these small group ministries, congregation members can then concentrate on further developing their spiritual gifts as they exercise them in daily life and within the church.  Each Small Group Ministry is currently working on various projects.  If you feel that you could contribute to any of these groups, please feel free to contact one of the Group Administrators for an opportunity to participate in a church project.
















































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Service SGM

"In the Scripture the gift of service is described as the gift of helping others. The idea in helping others is basically the same as service. Helping involves taking a burden on yourself instead of leaving it on someone else."

Administrator—Steve Lake

Members: Jackie Long; Debbie Ray; Don Carnahan; Steve Lake; Garry Young; Linda Fisk; Darrel Lewis


Current Projects:

The Service Group has been reaching out to congregation members in need and performing various tasks, such as mowing a members yard or delivering meals to the sick, etc.  The Service Group has also taken the lead on rotating volunteers to mow and maintain the church's lawn this summer.  This group hasn't slowed down any, as they have also been working on the installation of our new digital church sign.  A few from this group are also active members of the Gardening Committee for the church.

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Faith SGM

"The person with the spiritual gift of faith has an extraordinary ability to believe and trust the infinite power of God in specific situations. God uses this gift to bring glory to himself as those with this gift praise and extol His name in the face of adverse circumstances."


Administrators—Yasu Onodera & Zeke Lake

Members: Cindy Lewis; Corrine Dare; Paetyn Lake; Mia Onodera; Ruenell Shields; Dee Boston; Roger Shields


Current Projects:

The Faith Group has implemented a Faith Verse section in Sunday's Church Service.  Corrine Dare, representing the group, reads the Faith Verse every Sunday doing services to feed us words of faith.  This group is also currently working on revising the Prayer Chain.

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Hospitality SGM

"Hospitality is not expressly mentioned as a gift in the Scriptures, however, the apostle Peter refers to it in such a way as to suggest that it's one of the gifts conferred on the church by the Spirit for building up the body and for community ministry."

Administrators—Nancy Cox & Pat Young

Members: Verna Hurley; Charlie Hurley; Beth Lake; Donna Munger; Margaret Carnahan; Masami Onodera; Belinda Walsh; Drew Lake

Current Projects:

The Hospitality Group is in the process of ordering items to assemble a Visitor's Welcome Package to be handed out to new visitors to our church.  The group has already ordered Church "Business" Cards that members can hand out to family and friends that provides our contact information and service times.  Verna and Charlie Hurley are managing the assignment of volunteers to serve as our door greeters for Sunday services.

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Creative Ability SGM

"This is the special Spirit-given ability to communicate truth and advance God's kingdom through creative means such as music, drama, visual arts, and writing skills."


Administrators--T.J. Robbins & Melinda Reams

Members: Madelynne Freeman; Judy Burgdorf; Cicelie Freeman; Cathy Williams; David Cox; Bill Robbins; Donna Munger

Current Projects:

The Creative Ability Group has been decorating the Fellowship Hall for the various holidays and seasons.  They are currently working on the plans for the upcoming Variety Show, as well as planning the development of a new Church Directory.

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Gardening Committee

Committee Co-Chairs--Rev. Jim Fisk & Donna Hottinger

Members: Margaret Carnahan, Don Carnahan, Jackie Long, Linda Fisk, Tonya Williams, Cindy Lewis

Current Projects:

The Gardening Committee has been taking care of the flower beds around the church, watering plants and planting new ones.  They are currently deciding what to do with the parking lot island after the dead tree has been taken down.  

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