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December Ponderings

I went into the ministry, and except for a few years here and there where I got out to recharge and reload, I would guess I've actually been a pastor for 35 years. In all of those years I have never ever been asked, "So, Jim, what do you think about the election and politics in general?" I think I've never been asked because people understand they could not grasp the overwhelming opinion I would share that would literally change their life -- uh, or not. So before there's a deluge of questions like that, I'll go ahead and answer.

YES, the nearly billions of dollars spent on a mid-term election (not even a general election) could have been used to feed the poor, create better jobs for the marginal, and could almost fund another Powerball lottery; however, the price of democracy is sometimes expensive. The downside to that expense is often the price for access, or power, or influence. It is what it is in America. The days of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" are gone!

I'm positive there are people who seek political office because of a calling to serve others. I know that without a doubt because I know Emily Young risked losing in a Russellville City Council race because she has a strong need to make her community better and she has some ideas on how. She won that seat and we'll be better because of it. That is what we wish all our politicians were about but tain't so. It is what it is in America.

I lost some of the state and national races with my vote BUT America wins because we could all vote. We should keep in mind that because the candidate you voted for didn't win it does NOT mean you lost. WE win because you voted and the majority of votes gave us a winner. It is what it is in America!

The best thing about the elections being over is that it will be at least two years before I have to hear again, "...Joe Biden and the radical left..." and whether Dr. Oz really lives in Pennsylvania. And, my districts representative and senator can NOT "fix" the recession/inflation that's world-wide rather than nation-wide because they've both had at least six years to fix it. I guess I could ask what they have been doing up there, but it is what it is in America...

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