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February Ponderings

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I'm grateful. I'm grateful for a lot of things and there's not room on this page for all the things for which I'm grateful (I almost ended that sentence in a preposition - "...there's not room on this page for all the things I'm grateful for..." and I'm grateful I didn't do that. Whatever.

In the last week I have been so grateful that people have stepped up and volunteered to help out here and there. They didn't know what needed to be done (or in cases they did) but they were volunteering nevertheless. No one has been turned away and if more volunteer next week, there is something that can be done.

Cicelie and Maddie put the Christmas decorations up and Cicelie and Cathy took them away. Donna Hottinger tried to straighten up the room upstairs where we keep the Christmas things and flowers and there was NO room for it. Shelves were built and she has that room looking incredible now and you can even get around in it. Emily Young does our Facebook "production" and it has never been so good! Nancy Cox has sent out the offertory giving records for your tax deductions as well as kept the outside pantry going and Carole Brown-Clarke has worked on office things that I can't begin to list! Beth Lake and Lin have been working on getting things the Ladies' Bible Study going (Feb 7 start in Ecclesiastes). Phillip & Cathy Anders and Charlie & Verna Hurley are getting ready to organize our pot luck meal for Jan 29. Timmy Pearson came by the office last week to do a fix on a church computer and never charged us a dime.

What did I do? Stayed out of the way. I STAYED OUT OF THE WAY. No, WAIT, I volunteered to help out some wives - I've kept John Watson, John Clarke, D.L., Tim, Phil, Charlie, Ellis, Mike R, and Don "out from under foot" using donuts and coffee as a lure. Yes, the HeManWomanHUGGERSClub is still going. So, please don't ask us to do anything. Right now we're just focusing on staying out of the way and if you ask us to do somethiing it would mess up our job and we're trying to do this right. Thanks in advance...

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1 Comment

Tim Pearson
Tim Pearson
Feb 22, 2023

Yes - the people in this Church has never not come to the plate when it is needed. One of the best families you could ever be a part of. (oops a preposition - SORRY Jim)

It is a great Church to come and worship in and to hear some wonderful and thought provoking sermons by Pastor Jim.

And yes - the Men's Group is a comradery of some great guys. Even Charlie 😏.

Come join us on Sundays and feel the presence of God. ❤️

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